Cellulite Reduction Wrap in Columbia, SC

Did you know that body wraps, specifically cellulite reduction wraps, are one of the preferred treatments for spa-goers? It’s no surprise since it has so many benefits. A body wrap can be a relaxing experience for those who need a break from their stressful daily routine. After the treatment, you’ll go home with your skin glowing. What if we told you that besides all of that, it also promotes weight loss? 

Healing Hands Massage is a massage spa located in Columbia, SC. Our cellulite reduction wrap is an effective way to reduce cellulite and increase circulation in your problem areas. These wraps can help you relax while promoting weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise. You can lose up to 3 inches with our powerful blend of essential oils chosen to promote cellulite reduction. We use natural ingredients such as black pepper, grapefruit, cypress, and juniper berry to aid in toning the body and increase circulation.